Chapter X


"Search while thou wilt; and let thy reason go
To ransom truth, e'en to th'abyss below;
Rally the scattered causes; and that line
Which nature twists be able to untwine.
It is thy Maker's will; for unto none
But unto reason can He e'er be known."

- Sir Thomas Browne

The dealings which Kelly had in Lubeck with the spirits seem to throw a light on all his relations with Dee. Kelly is gaining confidence; he sees that he is already able to dupe his employer considerably. He has only to manipulate the conversations a little to show up often his so-called sincerity. He can pretend he is aghast at Il's levity, and he seems to have been cunning enough when the spirits very often blamed him.

Buthis dreams of advancement in wealth and fame were no nearer accomplishment. He had seen through Dee's ambition. It was very different from his own, but he thought he could use it to his own advantage. Dee was now flattered without stint.

So at the sitting in November 15 he sees eleven noblemen in rich sables. One, wearing a regal cap trimmed with sable, is seated on a chair beset with precious stones. "He is a goodlier man than the Lord A.L." He addresses Dee with glittering promises. He is the King or the Emperor, and is represented in the margin of the diary by a crown. He says to Dee: -

"Pluck up thy heart and be merry, pine not thy Soul away with inward groanings, for I will open unto thee the secrets of Nature and the riches of the world, and withal give thee such direction that shall deliver thee from many infirmities both of body and mind, ease thee of they tedious labours and settle thee where thou shalt have comfort.

"Thanks be given unto the Highest now and ever.

"Why doest thou [hesitate] within thy thought? Hast thou not need of comfort?"

"Yes, God knows, for I am half confounded."

"Then first determine within thyself to rest thee for this winter. Secondly, open thy mind to desire such things as may advance thy credit and enrich thy family, reap unto thee many friends and lift thee up to honour. For I will stir up the mindes of learned men, the profoundest in the world, that they shall visit thee. And I will disclose unto you such things as shall be wonderful and of exceeding profit. Moreover I will put to my hands and help your proceedings, that the world may talk of your wisdom hereafter. Therefore wander not farther into unknown places: contagious, the very seats of death for thee and thy children and such as are thy friends. If thou enquire of me where and how, I answer, everywhere, or how thou wilt. Thou shalt forthwith become rich, and thou shalt be able to enrich kings and help such as are needy. Wast thou not born to use the commodity of this world? were not all things made for man's use?"

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